Monday, July 20, 2015

The Heat of Summer Fishing

     The heat of summer is still producing heated battles.  Every morning the bite seems to produce something different.  Every tide cycle is producing results.  Trout, redfish, sheepshead, and flounder are being caught during these heated days.
     Popping corks with a 4'-5' leader and a live finger mullet are producing high yields of trout, slot reds, and flounder.  Most of the trout are caught on an incoming tide usually on an oyster bed. The flounder are caught on an outgoing tide fishing small creek mouths.  Redfish are being caught right next to the grass while fishing the same popping cork rig.  It's a bad time of the year to be a finger mullet.  Everything is after these little guys. 
     The sheepshead bite is becoming very predictable on an incoming tide.  A fiddler crab and patience is all customers need for these toothy bait theives.  The schools are attacking any crustacean and vegetation that passes by with the tide. Black drum are also being caught while fishing for sheepshead. 
     The schools of menhaden are big enough to walk across right now.  Following these schools of bait, many anglers are encountering big sharks and bull redfish.   Randomly I even encounter a tarpon rolling next to the boat while shark fishing.  The huge schools of spanish mackerel have moved on following the huge schools of glass minnows.  The big trout are still biting! Book a fishing charter in Charleston, SC with Exclusive Fishing Charters today!


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