Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September is all about trout and every size of redfish

     The month of September has proved to be successful for fishing charters thus far.  The redfish and trout bite has been a little crazy the last couple of days.  The big sharks are here as well.
     Cut bait and structure for big redfish is key this time of year.  Low tide at creekmouths and other ambush points prove to be successful for both rat reds as well as bulls.  The bite hasn't been better.  It seems like the bull redfish have headed furthur inland rather than sticking to inlets.  The presence of bait is everywhere. 
     Trout fishing has not been better in Charleston, SC.  The trout seem to be following the vast schools of finger mullet.  The key to filtering through those smaller trout is definitely bait size, the bigger the better. Sometimes you have to add a little more weight to hold the baits down deep.  As long as you can find clear moving water, there should be trout around this time of year.
      Fishing charters have never been better this time of year.  Call and book a fishing charter today!!! (843)709-6859. http://www.exclusivefishingcharters.com