Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dock Fishing For Redfish: A Tried and True Method

Everyone who has fished in Charleston or anywhere else for that matter has fished docks.  Dock fishing is by far the easiest method in my opinion for landing reds in the winter.  This style of fishing is great year round but it is in the wintertime when big redfish use these for cover against preditors.  The oyster and barnacle encrusted pilings provide a jagged and tetanus covered maze for fish to put between themselves and dolphins.  I have spent countless minutes, hours, and days trying to figure out which docks are better than others.  To be completely honest I still don't know why.  Why do schools of fish return to the same exact place year after year is beyond me.  The  only way to find these migration stations is time.  You just have to jump from spot to spot on every tide cycle.  The simpler the rig the better.  Any bait usually works from cut mullet, live mud minnows and live shrimp.  Many different bait choices are always a successful bet when feeding picky wintertime reds.  The smaller the bait the better in the wintertime (slow metabolism).  I recommend a 18" 20lb fluorocarbon leader paired with a swivel and a 1oz egg sinker. Put the egg sinker above the swivel. With a number one khale hook this rig is usually my go to.  With changing weather patterns and preditors, dock fishing is a method that always produces.
Good luck out there!