Friday, October 2, 2015

Successful fall fishing in Charlston SC

Fall fishing charters are very successful for sea trout, bull redfish, and sheepshead.  The sharks are moving out and the fish are moving in.  Big bull redfish are moving into the harbor now in huge numbers. A lot of fish are being caught on artificial baits. Most trout are following the shrimp migration inland.  The cooler waters are turning the bite on Fisher more active and feeding more aggressively.also the temperatures outside are more bearable for the customer!  Call and book a fall fishing charter today! Visit our website today!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

March Fishing Forecast

The month of March is usually the turning point of the fishing season in Charleston, SC.   The warmer temperature influx on the water makes redfish and trout want to bite. We can only hope that wintertime is going to end soon and warmer temps are here to stay.  Soft plastics and gulp products are still working well for both species.  Call and book a fishing charter in Charleston, SC today (843)709-6869 or visit our website today !

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Heat of Summer Fishing

     The heat of summer is still producing heated battles.  Every morning the bite seems to produce something different.  Every tide cycle is producing results.  Trout, redfish, sheepshead, and flounder are being caught during these heated days.
     Popping corks with a 4'-5' leader and a live finger mullet are producing high yields of trout, slot reds, and flounder.  Most of the trout are caught on an incoming tide usually on an oyster bed. The flounder are caught on an outgoing tide fishing small creek mouths.  Redfish are being caught right next to the grass while fishing the same popping cork rig.  It's a bad time of the year to be a finger mullet.  Everything is after these little guys. 
     The sheepshead bite is becoming very predictable on an incoming tide.  A fiddler crab and patience is all customers need for these toothy bait theives.  The schools are attacking any crustacean and vegetation that passes by with the tide. Black drum are also being caught while fishing for sheepshead. 
     The schools of menhaden are big enough to walk across right now.  Following these schools of bait, many anglers are encountering big sharks and bull redfish.   Randomly I even encounter a tarpon rolling next to the boat while shark fishing.  The huge schools of spanish mackerel have moved on following the huge schools of glass minnows.  The big trout are still biting! Book a fishing charter in Charleston, SC with Exclusive Fishing Charters today!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Great Start to May!

Charter fishing in the month of May is excellent.  The fishing has become incredible!  Many summer species are starting to encroach on the waterways of Charleston, SC.  Big bull redfish over 40" are starting to bite in these salty waters.  Huge schools of menhaden are  starting to show up.  It's an incredible time to fish with Exclusive Fishing Charters!  Give us a call (843)-709-6859 or visit our website today .

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trout Success Increases With Warm Temps

The trout are here and ready to eat artificals.  As spring time temperatures start to become steady so does the catchability of trout.  The DOA shrimp is very effective as well as voodoo shrimp. Here is a few pictures from last week.  Good luck out there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dock Fishing For Redfish: A Tried and True Method

Everyone who has fished in Charleston or anywhere else for that matter has fished docks.  Dock fishing is by far the easiest method in my opinion for landing reds in the winter.  This style of fishing is great year round but it is in the wintertime when big redfish use these for cover against preditors.  The oyster and barnacle encrusted pilings provide a jagged and tetanus covered maze for fish to put between themselves and dolphins.  I have spent countless minutes, hours, and days trying to figure out which docks are better than others.  To be completely honest I still don't know why.  Why do schools of fish return to the same exact place year after year is beyond me.  The  only way to find these migration stations is time.  You just have to jump from spot to spot on every tide cycle.  The simpler the rig the better.  Any bait usually works from cut mullet, live mud minnows and live shrimp.  Many different bait choices are always a successful bet when feeding picky wintertime reds.  The smaller the bait the better in the wintertime (slow metabolism).  I recommend a 18" 20lb fluorocarbon leader paired with a swivel and a 1oz egg sinker. Put the egg sinker above the swivel. With a number one khale hook this rig is usually my go to.  With changing weather patterns and preditors, dock fishing is a method that always produces.
Good luck out there!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trout are still here!

Within the creeks and marshes of Charleston, SC the winter doesn't scare the trout bite away.   Fishing charters for trout this time of year are great. This time of year is the perfect time of year to find fishermen with solid 50 fish days.  Everything is perfect to find trout in deep water.  It's usually after cold fronts where I find the most action.  The water depth is key this time of year.  All fish jump above and below the thermocline all year.  Fish are always looking for food and food is where you will find them along with comfort.  The key to this time of year is deep.  Everyone wants to use bigger grubs and trout tricks but the fish are just wanting a snack in the cold water. A meal is out of the question due to low metabolism in cold water.  You are honestly at the mercy of the weather.  If it's been cold for a couple days and all of a sudden there is a warm snap, the fish will be up higher in the water column.    Trout are a very wierd animal.  They eat a lot of different things that people don't think of.  From tiny rice sized grubs to many tiny glass minnows, they tend to preditize everything.  I prefer any gulp bait 4" or smaller.  A 1'-2' 12lb fluorocarbon leader is key in clear water.  My preferred method for fishing these these is on the bottom with with an 1/8-1/4 oz jig head. Work the baits with small twitches using a super slow retrieve.    Small deep creeks with clear water are where I encounter higher amounts of fish.  I would also suggest fishing 10'-15' of water anywhere there is structure and clear water.  Often I find the  most successful spots are on bends of creeks and rivers on an incoming tide.  
Don't get discouraged with winter troutfishing. Sometimes  the school doesn't want to bite and you have to move on.  Good luck out there and be patient!