Monday, February 12, 2018

Wintertime Redfishing Trends

Many customers ask when is the best time to go fishing for redfish in Charleston, SC.  This question always depends on how the angler wants to fish.  Light tackle and sight fishing are exceptional during the fall and wintertime months.  The water clarity at this time also makes site fishing very exciting. You can see the fish as you fight them!  Redfish feed mainly in small creeks and estuaries all summer long.  Shrimp, crabs, and many small fish are found in this skinny water. As the temperature slowly drops many of these creek critters suddenly die. The fish are forced to find a more sustainable food source.  A lot of times these fish not only need food,  but are looking for a spot that has less current as well. The schools of fish tend to pack very tightly.  These schools of fish can sometimes reach numbers in the hundreds.
Now that the redfish have found their wintertime sanctuary, as anglers we can capitalize on this seasonal location.  For a fishing charter please visit my website:

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