Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Early Spring Means Great Trout Fishing

As water temperatures start to rise, many trout are on the prowl.  Trout have started to become highly active.  The warmer water speeds up their metabolism.  A healthy and active trout has survived the winter and is ready to eat your bait! This time of year I target these fish on slip bobbers.  I use a #1 khale hook on 10 lb fluorocarbon. Your leader should be around 8-10 feet long. Put a split shot about 6” above your hook.   Live mud minnows or bait shrimp are crucial.  You want to try to get the bait past the thermocline.  So keep adjusting those bobber stops to find that sweet spot!  Fish these rigs at high tide next to marsh or structure in creeks.  Make sure you're fishing clear water and the fish should jump on your hook!

Great Fishing,
Captain John

Friday, March 9, 2018

Fishing Report 3-5-18

Fishing in Charleston SC couldn't be any better.  With temperatures between 60-70 degrees you can catch fish without even sweating.  The redfish are biting cut mullet, blue crab chunks, and frozen shrimp.  Circle hooks are working great by hooking these fish in the corner of the mouth.  This is perfect for catching and releasing these fish to fight another day.  Many trout are being caught on mud minnows.  This time of year underwater structure seems to hold many species of inshore fish.  To book a charter please give me a call 843-709-6859 or visit my website .  Its a great time to go fishing in Charleston, SC!


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Monday, February 12, 2018

Wintertime Redfishing Trends

Many customers ask when is the best time to go fishing for redfish in Charleston, SC.  This question always depends on how the angler wants to fish.  Light tackle and sight fishing are exceptional during the fall and wintertime months.  The water clarity at this time also makes site fishing very exciting. You can see the fish as you fight them!  Redfish feed mainly in small creeks and estuaries all summer long.  Shrimp, crabs, and many small fish are found in this skinny water. As the temperature slowly drops many of these creek critters suddenly die. The fish are forced to find a more sustainable food source.  A lot of times these fish not only need food,  but are looking for a spot that has less current as well. The schools of fish tend to pack very tightly.  These schools of fish can sometimes reach numbers in the hundreds.
Now that the redfish have found their wintertime sanctuary, as anglers we can capitalize on this seasonal location.  For a fishing charter please visit my website:

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

June Fishing

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June fishing is just heating up.  With the huge schools of menhaden moving in many customers can expect to catch big redfish and big sharks.  The trout bite is also incredible.  Many keepers are being caught.  It's a great time to fish in Charleston!  Please visit my site for booking information.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Saltwater Trout Fishing

The stronger west and south west winds from the last couple of weeks have actually helped out with trout fishing. With some surface movement of the water, the trout are hungry.  Mud minnows under a popping cork have proven to be deadly.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Big Sharks are Here!

I had a great trip shark fishing with customers last Sunday.  The bite was great with many different species of sharks landed!  An eagle claw 8/0 octopus circle hook is perfect for hooking these beasts right in the corner of the mouth.  Circle hooks provide an easier way to hook up with these toothy creatures without having to use wire.  As a circle hook sets perfectly in the corner of a sharks mouth, it provides a damage free opportunity for both the angler (tackle) and the fish.   The key to catching bigger sharks is bigger bait.  I prefer a whole live whiting or mullet on a float where the bait is about 4ft-6ft below the surface.  It gives the bait a better visibility to those surface feeding apex predators. I would recommend only putting 1 or 2 surface rigs out along with 2 Carolina rigs on the bottom.  You never know where they could be lurking.  Just remember to give the fish a couple of seconds to swallow the bait before you engage your reel.  For any questions about rigs or rigging techniques feel free to shoot me an email:

To book a charter give me a call ((843)709-6859) or please visit my website for more information.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Great June Sportfishing!

The last week has been awesome for the amount of big fish caught.  There are huge schools of bait are here and growing!  The bull redfish bite is great on both live bait and cut bait!   Please give us a call (843)709-6859 to book a charter or visit our website.
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