Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Big Sharks are Here!

I had a great trip shark fishing with customers last Sunday.  The bite was great with many different species of sharks landed!  An eagle claw 8/0 octopus circle hook is perfect for hooking these beasts right in the corner of the mouth.  Circle hooks provide an easier way to hook up with these toothy creatures without having to use wire.  As a circle hook sets perfectly in the corner of a sharks mouth, it provides a damage free opportunity for both the angler (tackle) and the fish.   The key to catching bigger sharks is bigger bait.  I prefer a whole live whiting or mullet on a float where the bait is about 4ft-6ft below the surface.  It gives the bait a better visibility to those surface feeding apex predators. I would recommend only putting 1 or 2 surface rigs out along with 2 Carolina rigs on the bottom.  You never know where they could be lurking.  Just remember to give the fish a couple of seconds to swallow the bait before you engage your reel.  For any questions about rigs or rigging techniques feel free to shoot me an email:  exclusivefishingcharters@gmail.com

To book a charter give me a call ((843)709-6859) or please visit my website for more information.  www.exclusivefishingcharters.com

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