Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Early Spring Means Great Trout Fishing

As water temperatures start to rise, many trout are on the prowl.  Trout have started to become highly active.  The warmer water speeds up their metabolism.  A healthy and active trout has survived the winter and is ready to eat your bait! This time of year I target these fish on slip bobbers.  I use a #1 khale hook on 10 lb fluorocarbon. Your leader should be around 8-10 feet long. Put a split shot about 6” above your hook.   Live mud minnows or bait shrimp are crucial.  You want to try to get the bait past the thermocline.  So keep adjusting those bobber stops to find that sweet spot!  Fish these rigs at high tide next to marsh or structure in creeks.  Make sure you're fishing clear water and the fish should jump on your hook!

Great Fishing,
Captain John

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